DexLeChem: Services in Chemistry for a Sustainable World

As a high-tech company we offer to develop the reduction or re-using of indispensable, expensive resources in production processes to the pharmaceutical and the flavor & fragrance industry.
In this way we support the "Chemiewende"  which describes the transformation of the chemical industry based on finite fossil resources towards a circular economy.

Our cutting-edge services lead to clear cost advantages in the production of the active ingredients. At the same time more ecological synthetic routes are implemented while maintaining highest product qualities. DexLeChem’s interdisciplinary strategy combines newest methods at the interface of chemistry, physics, and process engineering comprising mathematical, quantum chemical as well as empirical tools. In our own laboratory we are able to test all developed processes very quickly and proof their technical feasibility. Due to our strong reaction engineering background we know how to collect data in a way that they are directly applicable to upscaling purposes. Our development and optimization of chemical and biotechnological processes are thus specifically tailored to an industrial production.

What distinguishes us is our patented know-how, an interdisciplinary approach in R&D as well as our agile project management. Thanks to flat hierarchies we have the flexibility to realize customer’s projects successfully in short term. We provide you with untapped green business opportunities - use the piece in process development that makes the difference!

For further information please contact our Head Business Development Mr. Martin Rahmel or download our company brochure.

If you want to keep informed about our services follow DexLeChem on Twitter and our CEO Sonja Jost who updates you about the chemistry start-up scene in Germany.

DexLeChem is supported by the pro FIT programme of the land of Berlin, co-financed by the EU’s European Regional Development Fund.


Networkpartner of Unifying Concepts of Catalysis
European Regional Development Fund
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Innovative catalyst technologies cut costs

New routes of synthesis are increasingly important in view of scarce resources. In fact they are indispensable in order to achieve the German "Chemiewende" (transition of the chemical industry). Our experts in catalysis develop cost-efficient routes of synthesis for noble metal catalysts providing high selectivity and yields.

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Chemistry4Innovation: quantum chemical simulations and catalyst re-using

Hosted by DexLeChem and the IZBM, the third event of Chemistry4Innovation will take place at the CoLaborator on May 29. The talks cover two hot topics: quantum chemical simulations and catalyst re-using techniques.

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Sonja Jost encourages self-employment

Once more DexLeChem supports the IMMS initiative of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce. During her talk Sonja Jost shows that building one’s own business is a real opportunity after finishing school and training.

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Main conservative party at German Parliament visits DexLeChem

On April 20, representatives of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group at the Bundestag visited DexLeChem. During a tour through the laboratory of DexLeChem CEO Sonja Jost gave new impulses on the sustainable reindustrialization in Germany.

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