International Women Scientist Meeting: Making a spin-off from university

How can scientific findings be implemented into industry? During the RESOLV International Women Scientist Meeting at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum Sonja Jost talks about her experience as foundress of a high-tech startup in Chemistry.

What does a start-up need to be successful? How can a university spin-off survive on the market? Taking her company DexLeChem as an example Sonja Jost shows what is important next to a sound scientific basis and an invention and which stumbling blocks are to be avoided. “In order to achieve sustainable success, you need to understand the market and the way entrepreneurs think. A good idea alone is not enough,” says Sonja Jost.
Economy, especially the chemical industry needs invention. A start-up offers creative new ideas, persistency, no-limits-to-thinking, willingness to adopt to new circumstances (speedboats).  In order to avoid a further relocation in low-wage countries and to secure Germany as industrial center the industry should use the potential of start-ups even more. DexLeChem develops new and sustainable routes of synthesis for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry combining economic and ecologic benefits. Hosted by the RESOLV Cluster of Excellence the meeting takes place at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum on June 16/17.

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