Sonja Jost wins Victress Life Science Award 2015

CEO Jost was honored with the Victress Life Science Award 2015 presented by Alex von Frankenberg (HTGF) in front of 800 invited guests. Her work as innovator and foundress of a hightech startup for Green Chemistry, as well as her clear growth-oriented vision convinced the jury.

Jost and her team sell innovative production processes that combine economical as well as ecological competitive advantages to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry for more than two years. In addition, Sonja Jost gives advice to governmental organisations, NGOs, as well as several political parties regarding Green Chemistry, high-tech innovations and promotes women in so-called STEM-professions. She shows that Social Entrepreneurship can be very profitable, indeed.
Her laudation was held by Eckart Reinke, Managing Director of the Deutsche Agentur für Aufsichtsräte.
The prize honors female leaders from six different categories, e.g. Regine Sixt was awarded for her lifetime achievement while Nena got the Victress Music Award.
All laureates serve as role models for the reconciliation of success, leadership and femininity.

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from l to r: Michaela Nachtrab, Freya Oehle, Claudia Leissner, Regine Sixt, Nena, Sonja Jost

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