Why our management founded DuDeChem

After we have been confronted with the growing, unmet need of our clients to outsource in a greener way for a couple of years, DuDeChem was created in order to solve this problem and now started its operations.

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CEO Jost will give a lecture at the Heinrich-Böll Foundation of the German Green Party

Jost will challenge in her keynote on 06/02 the need to still consider the harms created by chemical products and the manufacturing thereof as a necessary pre-condition for the benefits created – and describe why they are already a threat to our competitiveness and to our wealth.

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1st Data Analytics course for chemists at a German university a full success

As the winter semester draws to a close, the first data analytics course for chemists at a German university has now completed its pilot run. DexLeChem engineer Tino lectured to 30 master and PhD students at the TU Berlin. Within 5 seconds, the course was completely booked!

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/TM VL Data Analytics WS 2019 small.png

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Why the big pharma player Boehringer Ingelheim chose DexLeChem

Boehringer Ingelheim scouted globally for a technology provider in order to support their in-house process development and manufacturing departments. They chose DexLeChem due to our outstanding expertise in STEM & sustainability.

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DexLeChem's support of the production workshop at the „Chemistry Goes Digital“ event

"The opportunities of digitalization seem to be infinite for an industry which has not been disrupted so far – but so are the threats." (Report German Startups Association, 2018).

Sonja (picture center), CEO DexLeChem and event initiator

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AstraZeneca gives DexLeChem an outstanding testimonial

DexLeChem has successfully worked for another global top pharma player, AstraZeneca which has given an outstanding testimonial about the development work DexLeChem performed.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/Green Business klein Depositphotos_116447482_xl-2015.jpg

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CEO Jost member of the 1st European Innovation Council Jury

The 35 jury members of the SME instrument program decide about an annual budget of 500 m € which is granted to hightech startups and other SME in their growth phase.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/EU Depositphotos_6310297_xl-2015 klein.jpg

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Nature Research: Jost hold lecture on waterbased chemical production

With a view to the new strategic and structural challenges in chemical industry, Springer Nature has invited renowned experts, on November 2017.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/Springer Nature Sustainable Catalysis_2017.jpg

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Patents granted: How DexLeChem improves a Nobel Prize technology, among others

The commercialization of water-based catalysis (WO 2014/135605 A1) and the reduction of nitro
derivatives (WO 2014/037444 A1) succeed DexLeChem by competitive production processes in the production of pharmaceuticals and other fine chemicals.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/Patente_9_2017.jpg

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Outstanding in industrial relevance and degree of innovation: Lonza’s newest project testimonial

Very recently, another catalyst re-using project was accomplished for the world’s largest CMO and once again, the experienced industrial experts gave outstanding testimonials about DexLeChem’s high level of innovative solutions and its strong focus on upscalability for production.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/Production plant_klein_Depositphotos_24310165_original.jpg

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Jost and BASF CTO Brudermüller discuss the digital transformation of the chemical industry

The digitalisation in the chemical industry and its business impact is the main topic on the panel and will be discussed by DexLeChem CEO Jost and BASF CTO Brudermüller during the digital conference of the German Government.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/Depositphotos_10142532_original_digital head_klein.jpg

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DexLeChem CEO Jost listed among "25 women who are changing our world"

Jost was chosen from more than 500 proposals by EditionF, Handelsblatt, ZEIT online, and Gruenderszene and later confirmed in a public voting.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/klein_Preisverleihung_25women_2017.jpg

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Global Business Summit 2017 Amsterdam: CEO Jost invited as speaker

At the Global Business Summit, which takes place March 20th-22nd in Amsterdam, CEO Jost reports about the benefits of using water as a solvent in the manufacturing of fine chemicals.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/Business Suit wt plant_34714743_klein.jpg

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DSM Nutritional Products AG – another satisfied customer of our catalyst re-using

As one of the world's leading suppliers of ingredients to the food and pharmaceutical industry, the renowned catalysis expert DSM Nutritional Products AG (J. Schütz, J. Medlock, A. Puhl) is satisfied about the successful collaboration with DexLeChem (S. Jost):

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/reduse reuse recycle_klein.jpg

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How to successfully enter into industry: Jost reports at this year’s FIM Business Day

Under the patronage of Germany’s federal minister Schwesig, foundress and CEO Jost gives a talk at FIM Business Day 2016 about DexLeChem’s successful market entry into the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/Unbenannt.png

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DexLeChem’s first patent was granted in the US: process for the reduction of nitro derivatives to amines

The U.S. patent office has recently granted DexLeChem the patent US 9284258 B2 in its full scope. The European patent office has already communicated its intention to grant the patent as well.

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Strategies for Innovation Management: CEO Jost gives advice to Bertelsmann Stiftung and IRI Life Sciences

What are practical patenting strategies for scientific spin-outs? How can SME participate in the innovation power of start-ups? Jost helps to find answers.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/IRI Life Sciences IP Day_2016_0603.png

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RECREATE Horizon 2020: DexleChem supports with experts

For the European competitiveness, the availability of resources and their efficient use must be secured in the long term. DexLeChem helps to further develop the according EU research framework H2020 in an expert workshop of RECREATE on June, 6.

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Jost appointed to the editorial board of Green Chemistry Letters & Reviews

Prof. John Warner, one of the founding fathers of Green Chemistry and editor of the Open Access and peer-reviewed journal “Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews”, appointed DexLeChem CEO Jost to the editorial board.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/Depositphotos_Green Chemistry Letters_klein.jpg

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Promotion of innovation: Jost comments on draft bill at German Bundestag on February, 26

As an expert for innovation, CEO Jost is invited to comment on a draft bill of the Green Party about a research bonus for SME.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/Bundestag klein.jpg

(c) Jürgen Matern / Wikimedia Commons

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17th annual chemistry convention of "Handelsblatt": with CEO Jost on the panel

Besides other high-class speakers, like BASF CEO Bock, DexLeChem CEO Jost will be also on the panel of the only strategic meeting of the German chemical industry - in fact, you can see her twice!

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/Jost2_speaker_klein.jpg

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Winner of the Next Economy Award 2015

During the Next Economy Award 2015 competition DexLeChem was chosen out of 175 applicants as the winner in the category "resources" for its ambitious and promising business model.

files/bilder/Aktuelles News/SIEGER_Resources_sw-negativ.png

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Service "Optimize Biotech" nominated for the Chemie-Cluster Bayern Innovation Prize

DexLeChem is nominated with its new service "Optimize Biotech" for the Innovation Prize of Chemie-Cluster Bayern. The final prize will be awarded in Fürstenfeld at November, 9.

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DexLeChem participates in delegation trip to Israel

Invited by the Chamber of Commerce DexLeChem participates in a delegation trip to Israel from October 10 to 14. The topics are high interest issues for DexLeChem: how to build high-tech cooperations and innovation partnerships as well as networking among start-ups.

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DexLeChem discusses in Berlin House of Representatives

Smart, sustainable and innovative: SMEs have an important impact on the economy in Berlin. As CEO of a high-tech company in chemistry Sonja Jost is invited to discuss the potential of Alliance 4.0 for Berlin and to introduce her company at the House of Representatives on September 17.

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Sonja Jost on penal discussion with Gregor Gysi

During the Ost-West-Wirtschaftsforum Sonja Jost discusses the social and ecological responsibility of entrepreneurs with the German politician Gregor Gysi. Sharing the vision of contributing to the German “Chemiewende” (transition of chemical industry) this is a major issue for DexLeChem.

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Re-using of homogeneous Pd catalysts

DexLeChem offers re-using processes for active palladium catalysts for coupling reactions such as Suzuki, Heck and Buchwald-Hartwig.

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World premiere: 1st Chemistry Start-ups Pitching Session

We are very proud to be an official supporter of the worldwide 1st Chemistry Start-ups Pitching Session which will take place in Berlin on September 25 as side-event of the International Sustainable Chemistry Conference.

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Make the best of your R&D projects: don't rely on good luck, rely on a good system

How does DexLeChem manage its interdisciplinary R&D team so successfully and what is the way to get the most out of their creativity while keeping focussed on project goals? As this question arises very frequently in meetings with our customers we decided to give you some insights into our unique agile project management system.

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First GTEC Open Campus

Sonja Jost, CEO DexLeChem lectures during the first GTEC Open Campus in Germany on July 9 in Berlin. The event is organized by the German Technology Entrepreneurship Center.

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JSES Summit 2015

Sonja Jost supports the Junior Social Entrepreneurship Summit also in 2015 as a mentor. The Summit is taking place in Berlin (Juli 20 to 24) and Los Angelos. Hosts are the FU Berlin, TU Berlin and the University of Southern California (USC).

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Chemistry4Innovation: halogenides and hydrogen activation with copper

Hosted by DexLeChem and the IZBM, the fourth event of Chemistry4Innovation will take place at the CoLaborator on July 17. The talks cover two highly relevant topics: cost-efficient synthesis of organic electronic compounds and the development of earth-abundant and therefore easily accessible catalysts.

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International Women Scientist Meeting: Making a spin-off from university

How can scientific findings be implemented into industry? During the RESOLV International Women Scientist Meeting at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum Sonja Jost talks about her experience as foundress of a high-tech startup in Chemistry.

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Chinese expert delegation visits DexLeChem

German innovations are of high interest for China. In order to get to know new approaches in chemical-pharmaceutical production a delegation of experts from the renowned CASS Institute visits DexLeChem on June 2.

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Berlin as industrial location: Jost invited to round table discussion

As CEO of a startup for Green Chemistry, Sonja Jost discusses with the governing mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller and leading industry representatives how to strengthen Berlin as industrial location.

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Innovative catalyst technologies cut costs

New routes of synthesis are increasingly important in view of scarce resources. In fact they are indispensable in order to achieve the German "Chemiewende" (transition of the chemical industry). Our experts in catalysis develop cost-efficient routes of synthesis for noble metal catalysts providing high selectivity and yields.

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Chemistry4Innovation: quantum chemical simulations and catalyst re-using

Hosted by DexLeChem and the IZBM, the third event of Chemistry4Innovation will take place at the CoLaborator on May 29. The talks cover two hot topics: quantum chemical simulations and catalyst re-using techniques.

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Sonja Jost encourages self-employment

Once more DexLeChem supports the IMMS initiative of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce. During her talk Sonja Jost shows that building one’s own business is a real opportunity after finishing school and training.

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Main conservative party at German Parliament visits DexLeChem

On April 20, representatives of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group at the Bundestag visited DexLeChem. During a tour through the laboratory of DexLeChem CEO Sonja Jost gave new impulses on the sustainable reindustrialization in Germany.

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Sonja Jost wins Victress Life Science Award 2015

CEO Jost was honored with the Victress Life Science Award 2015 presented by Alex von Frankenberg (HTGF) in front of 800 invited guests. Her work as innovator and foundress of a hightech startup for Green Chemistry, as well as her clear growth oriented vision convinced the jury.

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First meeting of advisory board at March 19

The young company was able to win important representatives as the founder of Green Chemistry Prof. John Warner or Dr. Matthias Braun, Board Member Sanofi-Aventis Germany to participate in the board.

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Chemistry4Innovation gives valuable insights

Hosted by DexLeChem and the IZBM, the second event of Chemistry4Innovation will take place at the CoLaborator on March 20. The talks cover two interesting topics: digital labs and latest findings in stereoselective organocatalysis.

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Next Generation Catalysis: International Workshop on Catalysis

DexLeChem is participating in a catalysis workshop on February 26/27 held by Bayer. The exchange of experience with international catalysis experts is of vital importance for a young, innovation-oriented company.

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More innovation and flexibility for CMOs

In the last years pharmaceutical companies are increasingly outsourcing part of their business to custom manufacturing organizations (CMOs) in order to reduce cost and to increase flexibility. The field is becoming more and more competitive. This is where the services of DexLeChem step in.

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Interdisciplinary approach for reliable risk management

What can be done to optimize processes in chiral catalysis risk-free? Successful risk management  and a solid cost estimate require not only an analysis on molecular and experimental basis but a view to the whole.

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Sustainable Chemistry Center in Germany to be opened

As recently announced during the UNIDO conference in Vienna, Germany intends to open a Sustainalbe Chemistry Center. This is a clear sign that politics and economy have started to put a stronger focus on Green Chemistry.

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Feasibility studies as orientation aid

A recently published in the CHEManager the success of innovations (return on investment, ROI) is not always clearly measurable. Nevertheless, innovations are an indispensable investment in the future.

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Smart routes of synthesis reduce E Factor

The E Factor is used as a tool to evaluate chemical processes regarding resource efficiency and waste management. The novel routes of synthesis designed by DexLeChem make it possible to reduce this factor considerably thus enabling a more sustainable synthesis.

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UNIDO Conference in Vienna: DexLeChem supports Chemical Leasing

How can chemical leasing contribute to Green Chemistry? As a member in the Chemical Leasing working group DexLeChem supports the model for more sustainability in chemical production. This is precisely what the innovative approach of DexLeChem offers.

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LONZA testimonials: DexLeChem impressed with creativity and speed

Cost-effective and ecological: The globally renowned company LONZA is impressed by the “creativity, smart solutions, speed and outstanding technological know-how" of DexLeChem.

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Cooperation with Chemie-Cluster Bayern

Mario Rückl, Chemie-Cluster Bayern, was visiting DexLeChem on November 14 in order to discuss a possible cooperation.  In the meantime R. Pop and N. Ludwig  (representatives of Alliance 90/The Greens) were looking for information about the turnaround in chemical industry.

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DexLeChem : successful example for German innovation

How can innovation in green chemistry look like? Martin Rahmel presents  DexLeChem’s  business model to a delegation from Brazil.

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DexLeChem founder give advice to Berlin senate

Which are the best strategies to promote the German health industry? Jost and Rahmel, DexLeChem are invited to discuss this issue with Dr. T. Strüngmann, founder of Hexal and Dr. A. Ziegler, CEO Ziegler AG on November 18 on the panel.

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Mayor supports sustainable reindustrialization in Berlin

Green, scientific spin-outs from research institutes should contribute to the sustainable reindustrialization in Berlin. The governing mayor of Berlin supports this demand of  DexLeChem CEO Jost.

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Female Founders in East and West: From Science into Economy

Sonja Jost is invited to participate in a workshop for female experts on November 8. As university spin-out and foundress of a high-tech company in green chemistry she gives an insight on her entrepreneurial experience.

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Governing mayor supports re-industrialization

Sonja Jost was guest at a panel discussion in Berlin on November 4 at which also the governing mayor of Berlin participated.

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