1st Data Analytics course for chemists at a German university a full success

As the winter semester draws to a close, the first data analytics course for chemists at a German university has now completed its pilot run. DexLeChem engineer Tino lectured to 30 master and PhD students at the TU Berlin. Within 5 seconds, the course was completely booked!

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The course was supported by the specialty chemicals group LANXESS and provided interdisciplinary training for prospective chemical engineers and chemists, enabling them the basic tools to shape the digital transformation in the chemical industry.

With lectures and tutorials, chemistry and chemical engineering students were taught the basics of data analytics and data science using the programming language Python. Projects allowed the students to immerse themselves in technical practice and analyze real process and plant data provided by the industrial partners.

Digital transformation is becoming increasingly important in the chemical industry, and after successfully completing the course, these students will now be able to work independently on data analytics projects in industry, from problem definition to presentation of the results.

“We regard it as our responsibility to actively support the transformation of the chemical industry towards a circular economy. Digitalization is a very important tool that has the potential to increase the resource efficiency and decrease the CO2 footprint during the manufacturing of chemicals and pharmaceuticals at the same time. However, chemists and chemical engineers lack the necessary knowledge. By lecturing the course Data Analytics, Tino helps to empower the future generation of scientists to fully skim the potential of digitalization within the chemical industry. We are very proud of Tino!” – Sonja, CEO DexLeChem.

"In the future, we will need specialists at LANXESS who bring both the chemical-technical and digital knowledge with them to exploit all the possibilities offered by digitalization. These new talents are an indispensable building block for the digital transformation, which is why we are supporting the TU Berlin in expanding the curriculum for prospective chemists and chemical engineers. - Jörg Hellwig, Chief Digital Officer LANXESS.

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