DSM Nutritional Products AG – another satisfied customer of our catalyst re-using

As one of the world's leading suppliers of ingredients to the food and pharmaceutical industry, the renowned catalysis expert DSM Nutritional Products AG (J. Schütz, J. Medlock, A. Puhl) is satisfied about the successful collaboration with DexLeChem (S. Jost):

“DexLeChem and DSM have worked together to analyse the re-use of homogeneous catalysts. The investigation of DexLeChem showed that multiple re-uses were possible, which could be used in further development of our processes. Thanks for the good cooperation.”

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Catalyst re-using significantly reduces production costs. Furthermore, the environmental effects and the ecological footprint of production processes are improved tremendously. Ms. Jost, CEO of DexLeChem GmbH points out: “Our strategy to deliver added values in the production of fine chemicals by innovations from the area of Green Chemistry has been proven once again that it leads directly into the future!”

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